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    The Llanymynech Community Project is one fruit of the work of the Llanymynech  Heritage  Partnership. Whilst the Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council have overall responsibility for the project but there are many of the other organisations involved.

    The aim and objectives for the Llanymynech Heritage Partnership sum up the purpose of previous, present and future activities in the area. These are given below:


    To work in partnership to identify, develop and promote the potential of the natural and historic heritage of Pant, Llanymynech and Carreghofa, to stimulate the economic, social and cultural well-being of all communities in a way which is both acceptable to those communities and which conserves and enhances the environment'.


    i)     To create new and sustainable community resources.
    ii)    To create new opportunities for training and employment
    iii)    To create new opportunities for investment by the public and private
    iv)    To enhance visitor experience.
    v)     To conserve and protect the natural and historic environment.
    vi)    To link to other strategic initiatives being pursued locally, countywide, regionally, nationally and internationally.

    Co-operative working between many organisations has led to a bewilderment of of local projects and schemes, but  they are all broadly working for the aim described above.  The most recent and spectacular venture goes under the title of Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Project. [It would be easier if we called this the Limeworks Project to distinguish it from the previously mentioned  Community Project.] The Limeworks Project sets out to develop an open air museum which tells the story of the limestone industry of Llanymynech, from the rock of the hill through its processing and eventual transportation to the customer. The Limeworks Project has been  spearheaded by Shropshire County Council and has initially [late 2005] attracted half-a-million pounds of funding. The Limeworks Project  is set to run from 2005 to 2008.


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