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JANUARY [Tuesday 16th]  Society lunch

FEBRUARY [19th ] AGM and Members evening.

Elect officers and structure the Society. Discuss possible speakers/visits for 2019 programme .


APRIL [16th ] On the trail of Agnes Hunt – Marie Carter

MAY [21st ] Oswestry Heritage Comics – John G Swogger

JUNE [18th ]  Llanymynech racecourse – John Pinfold

JULY [16th ] Llanymynech Presbyterian church tour and talk – Paddy Martin


SEPTEMBER [17th ] VISIT TO  Llwyn y Groes, Llanymynech

OCTOBER [15th ] Shropshire in the Great War  - Dorothy Nicolle

NOVEMBER [19th ] Capture of Oswestry and battle of Montgomery – David Thornycroft



2018 meeting reports

January 2018

  History Society lunch
Some 22 members enjoyed lunch at the Dolphin. The food and hospitality were excellent.  Large log fires made us forget the wintry weather! Olwen Jones was a special guest. Olwen is a long-time member of the society  and was a very regular attender at meetings.

 February 2018

IMG_4637 (2)

 March 2018

    A.G.M. and Members Evening 19th February, 2018

The chairman, Glyn Gaskill, welcomed 16 members to the meeting. After a positive  start the electricity supply failed and the meeting continued without a supply of heat. The committee was re-elected and thanks were given for the work they have done.

Liz Amys gave a healthy and comprehensive financial report which was accepted by the meeting. 

Several good ideas were put forward for the 2019 programme. These will be followed up.

Excellent contributions from members followed. Ruth Allcock brought along her extensive collection of clay tobacco pipes. Nan Humphreys told us of the tithe wars of the nineteenth century, bringing matters to life by use of an original ‘tithe horn’ used to alert the community. Chris Abram  related to the Llanymynech fairs and the local connection with the development of modern keyhole surgery.   Eileen Anderson displayed two terra cotta Chinese warriors , which were souvenirs of her visit to China. Liz Ames and Joan Zorn gave a succinct presentation on the history of the Montgomery canal in the immediate area.

The meeting ended with refreshments and very welcome cups of hot tea.

Meeting postponed - SNOW. Meeting moved to18th June2018.See programme above.

 April 2018

agnes hunt

Marie Carter, archivist at the Orthopedic Hospital gave an engrossing talk ‘On the trail of Agnes Hunt’, [AH shown left].
We were taken from the early days at Baschurch with horseboxes used as wards through to the current location at Gobowen.. One common thread was the lack of walls as patients had a open air treatment - including snow. The energetic and effective management of Agnes Hunts was well illustrated.  We heard several graphic descriptions of civilian and war wounded patient

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 May 2018

Oswestry heritage

June 2018

rider jumping- (Custom)

July 2018

Presbyterian chapel (Custom)

October 2018

Great War

November 2018

Thomas Mytton



John G Swogger has been an archaeologist and illustrator for over twenty years, working mostly on prehistoric sites in the UK, eastern Europe, Anatolia, the West Indies and the Pacific. He is particularly interested in the role of narrative in archaeological visualisation. John vividly described his work with particular emphasis his work with Oswestry Heritage.

CLICK to see John’s blog


John Pinfold is a recognised authority on racecourses in the UK an Europe. He has published several books on the subject - particularly on Aintree. John took us on a virtual tour of the different racecourses that have been in the area. Racecourses existed from the 1700’s to the mid 1940’s. Spectators came on foot, horseback and by steam train. In the 1930’s, one jockey arrived by his own aeroplane which unfortunately crashed leaving the jockey unable to compete.


Paddy Martin gave a fascinating talk on the history of Llanymynech Presbyterian Chapel.  As this is where the society has met for some years, it was of particular interest. Several members of the congregation joined us.
Its establishment in 1864 was led by people from outside the village - almost missionary work!  There have been several milestones in the development of the chapel including being wired for electricity [1933], broadcasting BBC Songs of Praise [1952] and the Presbyterian Association conference [1973]. At this event it was noted that “never were so many clerical collars seen at one time in th village”.
The meeting concluded with many personal recollections of the chapel and its place in the village.



Dorothy Nicolle gave a fascinating talk on ‘Shropshire in the Great War’. She held the well attended meeting spellbound with a broad range of anecdotes which vividly illustrated life in Shropshire during 1914-18. The stories were always interesting, often amusing but consistently  brought home the realities of war.
The legality of a man buying his wife a drink and tenancy of tied cottages being put at risk when men signed up were such examples.
Dorothy has written several books and is a well established guide and speaker.
More details can be found on her website:


David Thornycroft enthralled a very well-attended meeting with a history of his  great, times seven,  grandfather , Thomas Mytton [pictured right]. The focus was the Civil War and the year 1644. Fascinating detail of Mytton’s campaigns in Wem, Oswestry, Welshpool and Montgomery were related with several contemporary letters referred to. One letter, from Mytton to his wife, described how he lost his hat in one skirmish!
Examples of the weapons used, military tactics and the strategies regarding the locations were illustrated with old prints and modern photographs with great effect. 



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