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Llanymynech Parish Church
Original illustrations and internal features

Image from commemorative dish which is displayed in the church hall.

Print, below, which is very similar to the commemorative plate. Note Brieddens and Rodney’s pillar in the background.

Left and below - taken from the London Illustrated News of 1844. Wonderful use of language but for 'Pearson' read Penson and note spelling of Llanymyneck!

Thanks to John Hainsworth for use of this press cutting


The West Gallery or Balcony

 Llanymynech church was one of the last churches to be built with a gallery in its West end. These galleries were for musicians before organs were generally introduced. The galleries were originally developed because there were no available pews in the body of the church. The musicians or ‘quires’ were local people who provided their own instruments. Music was produced locally. West Galley Music thrived particularly from 1800 to 1850. The publication of Hymns Ancient and Modern in 1861 brought in standardisation. 

The Victorians removed many existing West Galleries in their modernisation of old churches.

The West Gallery or Balcony in Llanymynech church.

Meat dish marks opening of new church

Commemorative meat dish to mark opening of new church Llanymynech

The commemorative meat dish to mark the opening of the new church on 25 May 1843. The dish is displayed in the kitchen of the church hall.

The description below is on the back of the plate.

copied from inscription on rear of dish crop

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Acknowledgments and sources:
Russell Robinson, John Hainsworth
The Parish Church of Llanymynech by Reverend Prebendary Tony Villiers
State, Church and Chapel – Boundaries Challenged Borders Changed by Charles S

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