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Llanymynech bridge

2014 dickon Llany bridge central arch (Small)

Llanymynech bridge was designed by the same architect who designed the parish church - Thomas Penson the Younger.
The bridge was opened on 19th June 1828 to replace the ford which was approached from Chapel Lane in the village.
The bridge carries the A483 across the River Vyrnwy. The above photo is the centre arch, one of three, each of 65 feet span.

None of this detail is safely visible from the road or river bank.

On the day the foundation stone for the ‘new’ Llanymynech church was being laid there was a disaster on the bridge. The following is from the book on Llanymynech church by the Rev Tony Villiers:

A large party was assembling for  the laying of the foundation stone of the new church at Llanymynech on Ascension Day, the 25th May, 1843. Miss Sarah Tannatt and her three sisters were proceeding along the Llandysilio road in the direction of Llanymynech. Miss Sarah Tannatt was riding a spirited horse which took fright during a sudden and violent thunderstorm and became unmanageable, dashing off in the direction of the new river bridge at Llanymynech. On the bridge the horse ran against a man and woman who were crossing at the time, knocked down the woman and then swerved with such force against the right side of the bridge, just above the second arch, that Miss Tannatt was thrown over the parapet into the river below.

Miss Tannatt would have been riding side-saddle and would have been wearing a heavy riding habit. The river was apparently swollen and she was carried down by the flood before any assistance could be given. At the inquest, the husband of the woman who had been knocked down was severely reprimanded for not trying to rescue Miss Tannatt, but it was probably impossible for even a strong and experienced swimmer to effect a rescue from the swollen and rapid current. The Vyrnwy is a dangerous river and many fatal accidents have taken place in its waters, borne out by the entries in the church burial register.

The bridge was completed fifteen years before the church on 19 June 1828


2012 Dickon Llany bridge in flood (Small)

The Vyrnwy in flood.                                       Photos by Dicken Faux Nightingale

Llanymynech iron bridge drawing of 1825 (Small)

Penson's first plan was to build a bridge of iron. This would follow the trend being set by Thomas Telford and others. The drawing above was done by Penson in 1825, three years before his stone bridge opened.

Postcard, River Vyrnwy and Llanymynech Hill. (2) (Small)

old postcard of River Vyrnwy and Llanymynech .

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