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A 16 mm silent film has been sent in  and has been transferred to an electronic format [all magic! ] TURN THE SOUND DOWN to reduce the music!

The film has TWW written on its can which is thought to be Television Wales and West

There was a referendum on pub opening hours in Wales in 1961. Montgomeryshire voted to go ‘dry’. The next referendum was in 1968 when the vote went to ‘wet’. This could have prompted the visit of a TV crew. The only sound on the video is music put on when film was transferred. Apparently the TV crew would have used a separate sound recorder and matched the sound and vision up in the studio. Not like today when it is all done on the reporter's mobile phone.

You could possibly predict the sound track as the Lion is, famously, half in Wales and half in England – hence one room empty of people. The Cross Keys is in England – pub full. The Dolphin is in Wales – hence serving tea only.

There are many stories about pub Sunday non-opening in Wales, whilst in England pubs were open during normal licensing hours. Was it noon to 2.00 p.m. then 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.? One near-legend concerns a bus which left Welshpool early Sunday evening and toured into England with drinkers on board. Seats on the bus were booked on an historic family basis and fiercely protected.


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